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Available Motion Sensors and Security Cameras in Woburn, MA

Professional Security Camera Installation in Woburn, MA

A home or business is often one of life's most significant investments and should be protected from thieves and vandals while unoccupied. PECO Companies, Inc. helps you protect your building with our security camera installation in Woburn, MA. We use state-of-the-art video surveillance equipment that provides the best performance for structures ranging from small residential homes up to large commercial buildings. If you live or operate your business in an area that regularly loses power, we can provide you with generator installation in Woburn, MA.

Completed Security Camera Installation in Woburn, MA

Security Camera Systems

Keep an eye on your property with closed network security cameras in Woburn. We help you decide on the right video surveillance equipment by interviewing you to determine your needs and what you want to achieve. The interview gives us information such as the areas that need protection more than others, the areas you want to view, the spots where you want people to access, and the places that should be blocked off.

We use the interview information to determine the number of cameras needed for your business or home. When we install your security cameras, our crew works around your schedule to avoid interfering with you and your staff.

Your equipment comes with a one-year warranty for all parts and labor along with a manufacturers' warranty on parts. Contact our electrical contractors today for an estimate on security camera installation in Woburn, MA.

Network Infrastructure Cabling

We primarily perform infrastructure cabling to accommodate a business' VoIP and data applications. Services include cabling, installation, and testing; we will also do troubleshooting if your system is experiencing issues. If we find any problems, we will recommend how to correct them. Fiber-optic installation is available based on your system and its needs.

Network Infrastructure in Woburn, MA